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Who is NCeS?


Born with an original Gameboy in his hand, BigRonski has had a passion for videogames that cannot be beat. Without the coordination to play shooter games, or the patience to play RPG, sports games is what he affectionately calls his “bread and butter”. Racing has always been his love outside of videogames, so at 28 he decided to put his shit together and start streaming his racing fun. This new venture is going to be a hell of a ride! and why not strap in and join in on the fun! Be sure to follow along on social media for streaming schedule and updates!


We all know him as Shug (Say sugar, drop the ‘ar’, and yes this man melts in the rain). He hails from the North County of Maine where he has been residing for the last 10 years. An avid gamer who started streaming constantly in October of 2021 playing titles like iRacing, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and many more. A variety streamer of all sorts! But outside of gaming on stream this man likes to chat, starting off every stream with any topic possible, from NASCAR, to Politics, to just straight up banter with his buddies.

Out side of the one room of his house where all this goes down, he enjoys spending time with his two dogs and lovely girlfriend. Shug before the pandemic was traveling almost every week for a Monday through Friday for a public safety software company. He felt the travel was absolutely amazing but was all halted by COVID-19. Now with his role just about fully remote with his customers he wanted to take up streaming and creating a brand.

As someone whos whole life has been strictly public safety, from starting as a firefighter, to dispatching and ultimately ending up where he is now, helping agencies configure their reporting software. Streaming, branding, and even being on camera are new things to Shug. But he is excited to take on the new challenges and building a true brand to himself. Having a passion to always help others he has started his own website where he will be promoting small streamers and giving people a place to read about these up and coming broadcasters. With platforms like Twitch not giving solid discoverability, Shug wants to help fill that void so viewers can find people just like them! Not only will you find broadcasters, but also product reviews from time to time on his site!

But what brings Eric into the realm of North Country eSports? Well when Big Ronski says jump, Eric says how high. (That’s a joke, Im a tad out of shape and attempting to jump may take my breath away.) Shug was excited when this was brought up in conversation talking about leagues for iRacing and possibly a PGA tournament. Giving others an opportunity to network and create new friendships with some friendly competition. Shug is excited to assist in bringing these events to the table with Big Ronski and hopes all can enjoy!

To end it out, if you are a streamer and looking to be promoted, free of charge by the way, head over to either the discord link below or his websites contact page to let him know!

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